Happy Holidays from NWeSource!

Happy holidays! The staff at NWeSource wants to thank our fabulous customers for keeping us inspired all year round, and we hope that you are enjoying and making the most of this holiday season. As we take time to appreciate everything we have, while also looking ahead to the upcoming year, we are truly excited to introduce our latest features.  With even better options for security and customer relations, we can’t wait to help your business thrive even further into 2017.

As the possibilities on the internet continue to grow and grow, having a secure website is becoming increasingly important. As amazing new website features develop, unfortunately so does the technology to exploit those features. It is essential, now more than ever, for your web host and website management company to provide advanced security that can match up to growing threats.

Most webs hosts don’t manage your website, so you have two sets of security to worry about. The web hosting needs to be secure, and your website itself needs to be up-to-date and expertly coded.  Fortunately, NWeSource handles it all!  We oversee everything, from the tiniest details of your website design to advanced firewalls that keep that website protected from malware and other threats.

We’re currently working on several Customer Relationship Management (CRM) options. This allows you to keep customer info handy, send out automated emails, and more. (Did your business send out a holiday email this year? Something to plan for next year!)

With everything changing so fast, it helps to have a great Information Technology (IT) consultant on speed dial. We are here for you, to help grow your business and make it better. With everything from computer network and website security, to CRM and consulting, we’re here to help you reach for the stars with your business.

Wishing you a happy and secure holiday season, and a new year full of joy and creativity!