Google is a divorcee!

Technical SEO was marriage #1.  Now they’re looking for something that’s half their age and twice as hot – and it looks like they will continue trading up as far as the eye can see.  The Penguin update was more of a slap to the ex-wives (more specifically unnatural anchor text distribution), while in our opinion Social Media will be the next hot signal.  Following that it will be comparative user engagement including time on site, pages per visit & conversions – but that is still another evolution away.

 Should you build links to your website?

Links are still a huge part of the SEO puzzle as much as the internet is still “the web” and Google still crawls like a spider.  However, getting them naturally is a far superior method to manual link building.  The key there is having a leadership website that oozes awesomeness and great information that others want or at least want to reference.  For many smaller local companies that is still a bit out of reach, but Google is driving the web to a superior place – where the pretty girl is smart too.

Just kidding of course…