We just launched our first charitable foundation website created pro-bono and we couldn’t be more excited to see this program get legs, or hopefully even wings. When Bashir (actually Abdikadir Bashir Mohamud) stopped by our office the first time carrying his cute little 1 year old son, and explained how he had been a refugee in Kenya but had beaten the odds and escaped to get an education, and not just high school, we were wowed. Having completed college, his life long goal has been to help others do the same and his battle plan to achieve is already in motion.

REBSS stands for Refugee Education Beyond Secondary School and its mission is to not only assist in exodus from poverty stricken Kenya, but also to aid beneficiaries in gaining a complete college education, so they too can become powerful, giving individuals.

Built on WordPress, the website is completely extensible with plugins and updates and editable by him and his staff. Now with an attractive home page and a good start to the rest, he will be able to impress those he needs to collaborate with to achieve his objectives.

Go Bashir… We have your back!