Business & Company Logo Design

Your logo is the signature of your company. It is the symbol that people will come to associate with the service you offer. But all that recognition can either help you or hurt you. For all the business a good logo can bring in, a bad logo can turn away potential business. The best way to avoid this is to have a professional design your logo.

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Logo design has a set of fundamentals that if followed correctly can produce a timeless identity that will pay for its self in no time. Along with these fundamentals, an understanding of how logo will be used and the proper way to build and format them is required. This is where most small business owners run in to problems, either by creating their own or hiring a subpar designer. This will lead to problems when tying to use it in multiple areas, which it wasn’t designed for. Even with this being a common problem, you have no reason to lose sleep over it.

This is where we come in; our designers not only have experience designing logo identities from scratch, but are more than capable of fixing your current one. If you bought an inexpensive logo from website or an inexperienced designer, you may have issues with pixilation and halos. Don’t worry, this is a very simple formatting issue, and we can take care of it for you.

This is the story of you… this is your company now.  This is your digital imprint.  Who are you?


And now for a few examples: