Website Delivery for Bella Institute

We are very excited to deliver the Bella Institute website for this highly successful Portland Beauty School & Salon.  It has been well received by the company’s owner and director, Kim Beddor.  While she had her logo done before embarking on the web design and company branding journey with us, we also did her business cards and you can see those below as well.

Web Design Strategy

One of the strategies we always use is to analyze the local competition and also similar businesses in other cities. By analyzing what others have done, it is easy to see how to improve on it.  Our goal is to deliver the best website in the city for that company’s internet marketing niche – and we definitely hit our goal this time as their isn’t a better beauty school, or beauty school website in Portland!

The Great Business Website Formula

This website used all of the elements highlighted in our Great Business Website Formula PDF.  If you haven’t checked it out, now is as good as any time so follow the link and get a copy.  What we cover are the best things to do in most business websites that speak to your readers’ situation, alleviate possible concerns, provide value comparatively, bolster your reputation with a positive performance track record, demonstrate market leadership, and most importantly: compel them to do business with you.