How To Successfully Brand & Market Your Products & Services through a Well Executed Development Phase

Proper execution of marketing strategy is based on an in-depth understanding and documentation of your company’s products and services. Having that information available for marketing material is integral.  By documenting your products at a high level, sales processes are often improved and streamlined and customers gain confidence in what they pay for when more details are available and presented attractively…

Steps to take for each product or service during a branding and marketing development phase can include the following:

1.       Create clearly defined fact sheets with service and product briefs

2.       Allow quick comprehension through product and service process bullets

3.       Develop marketing copy with consumer relevant features, advantages and benefits

4.       Further highlight advantages through competitive service and feature comparisons

5.       Generate a list of possible misconceptions and what is not covered or provided

6.       Develop marketing copy including trademark service and product slogans

7.       Create relevant product and service logos and graphics

8.       Acquire relevant product and service images and photographs

9.       Gather product and service relevant happy references and/or client testimonials

10.   Develop product and service frequently asked questions

11.   Create short and long term discounts and incentives

When this material is placed attractively on company letterhead and converted to PDF, it instantly becomes useful marketing literature that can printed for use in person, sent via email or even used on a website as a download.  This material will be the basis for the rest of your product and service specific marketing including website landing pages, print brochures or flyers, promotional articles, and partner or affiliate publications.  It will even have utility in functions such as job descriptions & team training.  Additionally it makes terrific material for networking meetings or guest speaker presentations.

Highly successful marketing depends greatly on how well you know your own products and services, and how readily that information is available.  By fleshing out the details ahead of time in clear and unambiguous terms written with client advantages in mind, creating additional specific marketing material becomes simpler while allowing for a strong product and service brand integrity.